03 February 2011


Miss me? Don't lie.

Stockholm Fashion Week ended yesterday, and one of the shows I took in was altewai.saome. I fell in love with their designs late last fall, so I was pretty excited to catch this show.

Overall I'm not really sure what to think about the designs. Some were beautiful, but I am probably one of the few who actually go to a fashion show looking for pieces I can actually wear. One thing is for certain though, I will not be sporting the ovenmitt-esq gloves that appeared to be adorned with computer circuit boards.

I'll leave you with some pictures. Gonna be totally straight with you, I need to work on my photography. Just because you own a DSLR does not mean you have instant photo-cred. Case in point—my pictures. Snapping models sashaying down the runway is serious business!

Anyway, looking forward to getting reacquainted with you all!

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