About Andie

Andie is an overbearing grammarian who dabbles in copy-editing, public relations and editorial projects.

Once upon a time Andie grew up in the tony Los Angeles suburb simply known as “Orange County.” After graduating college with a degree in print journalism and several stints as a public relations/marketing guru she grew tired of the “celebrity-driven” culture of Los Angeles, packed her bags, and headed to South East Asia for a much-needed spiritual overhaul.

Fast forward three years and many minute details later and Andie now lives in the frigid and minimalist city of Stockholm, Sweden—where she can happily wear black year-round and not get strange looks from passersby.

A self-proclaimed fashion and beauty junkie, Andie writes about anything and everything related to the latest beauty and fashion trends—be they inspired by the runway or by the latest YouTube craze. Her store is TopShop and her favorite beauty products are Russian Red lipstick by M.A.C and her GHD hair iron (the only thing on this planet that can intimidate her savagely curly locks into submission).

Andie owns so many pairs of shoes that she can no longer store them in her apartment in a safe and tasteful manor—much to the chagrin of her boyfriend.

She also has a habit of writing in the third person—which she solely blames on several years of Facebook status updates.

Andie loves comments, so feel free to say hello!