03 October 2010


Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to snag me a pair of these awesome patterned leggings/pants from H&M's Arizona Dream editorial. Thankfully, there are two other options out there I just stumbled on.

First up are these patterned leggings from Acne. I first noticed them when I saw a picture of Caroline wearing them. Honestly, I think I prefer these to the ones from H&M.
Image via Carolines Mode
Acne Cadena Print Leggings available at Nelly.com

The second pair are for those of you who can't come to grips with shelling out almost $200 (1195 SEK) for a pair of leggings. They are from Swedish retailer Gina Tricot and are available in two colors.

That's all I've found for now, but I'll update this post if I find any more look-alikes!

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