03 October 2010


Outfit on left, clockwise from top: 1. Lovat Coat, Rag & Bone 2. Acne Tauri Button Down Blouse 3. Vintage Moschino Belt 4.  Too Fast To Live Ring, Vivienne Westwood 5. Draped Skirt, H&M 6. ASOS Tobago Lace & Bow Shoe Boot 7. Yves Saint Laurent Coin Purse

Bra in the middle is from H&M

Outfit on right, clockwise from top: 1. Acne Black Veba Biker Jacket 2. T by Alexander Wang Classic Tank 3. Alexander Wang Jena Clutch 4. TopShop Primrose Ruched Strap Heels 5. Puff Ball Skirt by Rare 6. TopShop Spike Plastic Stretch Bracelet
Draped Skirts were everywhere this Spring/Summer season (if you don't believe me check out The Fashion Cloud for her great post on the trend). Why not continue this great look into the fall? Just switch out the nudes colors of Spring for skirts in rich jewel tones like emerald and sapphire, and voila! 

Of course, you don't need to buy a skirt. You could always take your favorite scarf out and give it the draped treatment, like in this video.

And if you're feeling really creative why not give this DIY Burberry-inspired look a try?

Image via anywho.dk
Whatever you decide, there are plenty of options for you to pull off this fresh new take on the skirt.

Happy shopping!

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