01 December 2010


Dear Zara,

I am a big fan, but have been feeling sort-of left out lately. I see you've opened online stores in over ten different European countries since September, but Sweden has not been one of them. I see you plan on expanding your online stores into the U.S.A., Canada and South Korea early next year, but still no sign of Sweden. This makes me sad.

I am a big fan, but it is a little difficult shopping in some of the Zara stores here in Stockholm. Most often it looks like a clothes grenade has gone off, leaving items strewn all over the place. I feel like I'm digging to China when I'm sifting through some of the tables that were (once upon a time) organized with items such as cardigans, pants, etc. I can never seem to find anything I want, and yet, I come to your website and am constantly ohhing and awwing over your lookbooks.

I am a big fan, so please consider opening an online store here soon.

A big fan,


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