27 November 2010


Just when I think I have my spending habits under control I go and do something silly—like buying 6-inch heels (hint #1) when it's been snowing in Stockholm for three days straight. No, I did not buy the Dany platforms, or the Litas either. This was a spur of the moment, not-thinking-of-the-repercussions-type of purchase.

Being that it was Black Friday yesterday, I guess the American in me just couldn't pass up a deal. So when I saw these particular ankle boots (hint #2) on sale I just couldn't say no. And you know what? I'm not sorry.

I have been in love with these "it" boots since I first saw them on the runway at Yves Saint Laurent back in 2008 (hint #3). Will I be able to walk in these? I don't even care. After all, according to the well-heeled Anna Dello Russo, 'tis the season to focus on your shoes, be they "sparkly, shiny, eccentric, metallic, decorative, precious, brocade, extravagant, colorful, magnificent, enchanting."

You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures, I'm going to hold-off on posting any until they arrive. I'm sure those of you that are a slave to fashion like myself already know which boots these are. Until then...

Happy shopping!