10 February 2011


I've been trying (ridiculously hard, even) to not buy anything this month. However I can't help but check out my familiar web haunts to see what new things have come in. TOPSHOP in particular has been making it really difficult for me to stick by my new "no spending" mantra, as they've got tons of new and fabulous spring items (I've been eyeing those knitted/fringe cardigans for days now).

However when I came across this amazing belt I just couldn't help my self. This belt is just so my style. I love the vintage/rock and roll feel it has, and although I feel like I could have found something similar (and cheaper to boot) in a vintage shop, I just don't care.
Chocolate Leather Eagle Buckle, £32.00 from TOPSHOP
If you want one too then I'd probably hurry on over to the website as I have a feeling this won't be in stock for too long.

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