21 November 2010


A couple days ago the magnificent Anna Dello Russo posted these ten rules for attending parties this holiday season on her blog (I love that she has a blog). And whatever Anna says, goes. So, without further adieu I bring you Anna's Ten Party Commandments along with some pictures I've added for your viewing pleasure!

"Now begins the critical period for parties to celebrate Christmas. They involve family and friends, as well as formal events. Here are my 10 rules to be always on top!"

1. Don't wear RED or GREEN outfits. You will look like a Christmas tree.

2. Forget any COATS—even if it's only 5 degrees outside. You should make a big impact just with your dress.

3. Choose GOLD. You will emphasize the idea that you are a Christmas GIFT to unwrap.

4. Go to the hairdresser. Get a facial, manicure and pedicure. Don't worry to be OVER-DONE!

5. Choose between a HAT or MAKEUP. If you wear a hat keep a fresh face, otherwise you will look like a transvestite.

6. Wear lots of JEWELRY. The sound of JEWELRY banishes bad thoughts and bad ghosts.

7. Focus on the SHOES. Generally at a Christmas party you spend a lot of time seated on the sofa.

8. Shoes have to carry all the magical atmosphere of Christmas. Choose a sparkly, shiny, eccentric, metallic, decorative, precious, brocade, extravagant, color-full, magnificent, enchanting ... PAIR OF SHOES.
9. Don't worry about a BAG, you will immediately forget it on some chairs.

10.  Don't throw yourself on the drinks and on the food. It's not POLITE!

Happy Holidays!

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