18 October 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but honestly I've been feeling a little uninspired.

I also hate Blogger.

Twice now I have written what appeared to be Pulitzer Prize winning blog entries, only to have the text disappear from the face of this Earth while I'm trying to move images around the draft. Unfortunately, in both cases my browser's "undo" button was not able to save the day, most likely because of Blogger's annoying-to-no-end "draft saving" feature, which automatically saves the draft you are working on every couple seconds.

Do I really need to auto-save my blog entries after almost every key stroke? While I get having an auto-save feature can be life-saving, I think the purpose would be better put to use after perhaps one minute or so. What if you accidently delete huge paragraphs of text? How are you supposed to recover them? ALKJDFKLJSDFKLJ!

Anyway, I'm looking into new blogging platforms so a redesign of the site may be coming to a town near you real soon.

Stay tuned.

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