10 August 2010

Sheep and (not) Cheap!

The sheepskin jacket. Priority number one on every fashionista's fall must-have list.
How do I love thee? Let me count the the ways ... in which I cannot afford you.

For me, Topshop gets it right again and again, and this is no exception. I absolutely love this jacket! Unfortunately at 325 GBP (over 500 USD) it is a bit out of my price range at the moment. Not only that, but I am somewhat hesitant to every pay that much for something from Topshop (nothing but love for you Topshop, but c'mon).

Lucky for me, there is an affordable alternative—also from Topshop.

At 58 GBP (under 100 bucks!) this jacket is a steal. Good thing I ordered it last week because it's already out of stock. Don't fret, Topshop frequently restocks their merchandise online, so keep check the website daily.

1 comment:

estelle said...

sure I prefer the first one but why is it so expensive compared to the second one????