23 August 2010

Lace & Lanphear

The August edition of Elle (U.S.) has a great feature titled "Editor's Picks." In it, several of Elle's top editors discuss their favorite looks from this year. Of course, I gotta show a little Kate Lanphear love. While I can't really afford most of these pieces at the moment, they inspired me to see if I could find a similar outfit for a much smaller budget. Below are this editor's picks on Kate's "vampire chic" look. 

P.S. Almost every single one of my picks retails for under $100, the jacket being the only exception.

1. Reptilian Textured Wallet, Forever21 ($7.50) 2. Knitted Lace Jumper, Topshop ($70.00) 3. Ring, H&M ($7.00) 4. Le Vernis nail color in Vamp, Chanel ($23.00) 5. Brass Overlay Cuff, Made ($50.00) 6. Rib Sleave Oversize Coat, Topshop ($170.00) 7. Tobago Lace & Bow Shoe, ASOS ($75.00) 8. Quilted PU Bodycon Skirt, Topshop ($80.00)

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