07 June 2010

OK Computer

Barely a month into my blog and this is the second time I am apologizing for the lack of posts. Not a good sign! Although who am I kidding, I think I have maybe two readers who read this anyway. This time though I have a valid excuse.

My computer is dying. =(

I've had a MacBook for about three years now and although I have never complained about it since it's purchase, I am finding that it's slow-going when it comes to viewing webpages, loading images/documents/music etc. The memory on my computer is pretty much used up. I could easily just upgrade my Mac, but I'm thinking about just purchasing a new one—MacBook Air perhaps.

Anyway, we'll see. I'm flying back to the states in a couple weeks and one of my first stops will be the Apple store. I'll also be doing a ton of shopping so I'll have lots of new goodies to post on here.

Till then...



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