20 May 2010

Year of the Moschino belt

And now it's mine!

I'm fairly certain I've scavenged to hell and back on the internet for this baby. The months of searching (and weeping) have finally paid off as I received it in the mail today. 

I got mine from a great site called Gems Collectable Clothing. I randomly came across their store doing one of my many Google searches for the belt and they just happened to have one in stock. Immediately I sent them an email inquiring about the size and condition of the belt. Interestingly enough they emailed me back telling me their website was still under construction and that they were pleasantly surprised at all the hits they were getting, as they hadn't begun advertising yet. 

In case you have been living under the proverbial fashion rock, the Moschino logo has come back in a major way over the last six months. Just doing a simple search on Google will generate dozens upon dozens of blogs dedicated to this fashion phenomenon. 

I'm not really sure what the late Franco Moschino would have to say about the trend, although it is interesting to note Moschino himself was one of fashion's biggest critics—once stating that being a fashion designer was "a superficial, stupid job."

Refinery29 has done a great piece on the trend, incase you're interested in reading more.

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