17 May 2010

Nail polish haul plus a little something extra

Last week I was inspired to update my nail polish collection for Spring so I headed to my local Kicks and went straight to the O.P.I. shelf, where I checked out the "Hong Kong" collection—their latest for Spring 2010.
Although many of the shades tempted me I ultimately walked away with just one—Panda-monium Pink. It's a bright pink color with undertones of Lavender. In the bottle it looks absolutely stunning, a perfect polish for this Spring's pastel trend. However once on my nails I wasn't as impressed. The formula is a bit streaky and I needed three coats for good coverage. I still love the color, don't get me wrong, I just don't think this is one of O.P.I.'s better formulas.

The next day I ventured into H&M hoping to get lucky and score a couple shades from one of their limited edition collections (the name of which escapes me). I had three on my wishlist and managed to find two of them, which I'm convinced are completely sold out by now. The three colors are Denim Dreams, Preppy Pink and Dollar Green (I bought the first two, Dollar Green had sold out some weeks ago).

Denim Dreams is exactly the blue shade I was looking for this season and I couldn't be happier with it. The consistency is perfect and coverage is great with just one coat. Preppy Pink is another great color and I imagine it would be a great dupe for Chanel's Tendresse. Not one to feel left out I went online later that evening to look for a similar "mint"green color like H&M's Dollar Green, and I found it in Barry M's, you guessed it,  Mint Green.
(From left to right: Denim Dreams, Mint Green, Panda-monium Pink, Preppy Pink and a bottle of O.P.I. RapiDry Top Coat I also picked up.)

(My hand if I were a box of Lucky Charms—from left to right: Panda-monium Pink, Denim Dreams, Mint Green and Preppy Pink.)

* * *

Now for something other than nail polish—a tale of triumph in the face of adversity, if you will. Back in November during the infamous Jimmy Choo for H&M release I was seriously coveting several pieces, which ultimately led me to wake up early, take the train into the city and wait in line with a couple hundred other fashion-crazed Swedes. After over an hour of queuing it finally came to my turn to be let into the sacred roped-off area where all the accessories and shoes were being held. I had two minutes to grab and try on everything I wanted before being shooed out so the next group of twenty-five (mostly) women could take my place. With my game-plan in place and my (agitated) boyfriend by my side I rushed in and grabbed a bracelet, earrings, a scarf, a pair of the sparkly brogues and the pièce de résistance; the studded leather belt. As luck would have it everything I wanted was still in-stock and with 30 seconds left I exited the roped-off area feeling like a champion.

That's where the luck ended.

I made my way to the cash register, feeling the jealous stares of the other girls who were near the back of the line, knowing that they probably wouldn't be so lucky. As the cashier rang me up I handed her my card and "WHAT?! MY CARD DOESN'T WORK?! ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!!#$!@#&(*"

As luck would not have it, my card failed me, not once, but three times. I pleaded with the cashier, "can you just hold this stuff while I run to the ATM or make a quick phone call? I know it works, I just used it thirty minutes ago!"

She was not having any of it and I had to swallow my rage and quietly leave my precious, my preciousssss studded leather belt behind. Weeks went by and through perseverance and a bit of online shopping I managed to get everything I had wanted at the store—everything except, you guessed it, that belt. I just couldn't take the agony anymore and so last week I scoured the internet to see if I could find one. I knew my chances were slim this late in the game and that even if I did manage to locate one I would probably have to pay at least double the retail cost.

Well, as luck would have it, a seller on Ebay located in Finland had two left. The last two in the Whole. Freakin'. World. I couldn't let this belt get away again. I clicked on the "buy it now" option and heck yes! that sucker is mine!

Today it arrived and I cannot tell you the happiness I am feeling. It's a little too big for me, but I can wrap it in a knot and make it work. And to think I only had to sell my left kidney to pay for it!

Tonight I will sleep with it under my pillow and dream about my next coveted purchase—the elusive vintage Moschino letters belt. You will be mine, oh yes, you will be mine.



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