26 May 2010

Cheapo Haul

I'm trying to save some money this month because I need to buy a plane ticket home (to Los Angeles) for the end of June, this presents quite the predicament for me. In Sweden we get paid once a month, and at the end of each month I basically have a list of things I want to buy (95% of the time this list consists of fashion or beauty related items) when my paycheck is deposited. Unfortunately I'm going to have to hold back on the purchases this month and make due with what I've already got.

However I managed to pick up a couple things on the cheap today.

I've needed new sandals since last February, when I destroyed the only pair I owned (nice looking gladiators I bought from H&M last season) while on vacation in Thailand. I love gladiator sandals but I've been craving ones that aren't so generic looking, maybe with some studs or chains—whatever.

I saw these great sandals in the window walking by Din Sko and I immediately had to have them. They were the last pair in my size and since they only cost 349 kr. I knew spending a little bit of money on fashion this month would be doable. I love the aztec/southwest vibe that they've got going on, which fits great with this season's tribal trend.

The other purchase I made was a multi-colored long necklace from H&M. I want to update my jewelry collection this year with more turquoise (again, the southwest/tribal trend) and thought this would be a cute piece. Also, it's going to look great with a tie-dyed orange tunic I bought from Sisters a couple weeks ago ... and also with the new tan that I've got going on. There's something about turquoise jewelry and tanned skin that looks absolutely amazing. H&M had quite a few turquoise accessories and I really had to force myself not to buy more. The only thing that stopped me was knowing I'd be back in Southern California in a month; where I can buy the real-deal turquoise that is abundantly available in the southwestern part of the United States.

Until then, I'll just have to save for that plane ticket!



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